Teledentistry Offers Dental Care, Consults and Education Services

Teledentistry Offers Dental Care, Consults and Education Services from Smile Reflections in Tucson, AZTeledentistry is becoming a popular resource for those who are stuck at home with dental concerns. With more services becoming virtual, teledentistry is becoming a more popular option for dental care, consultations, and even educational services. For those who have a hard time of driving out to a dental office, teledentistry will likely remain a good resource. Some benefits it offers include affordability, convenience and personalized care. Ready to learn more about what teledentistry has to offer?


The following information is crucial for those who are new to virtual consultations.

Dental care

Many are surprised to learn that teledentistry can offer dental care services to patients of all ages. Dental care can be administered virtually for minor to moderate dental or oral conditions, such as a toothache or sore gums. Patients who opt for teledentistry will likely have to undergo a consultation in which a diagnosis and treatment plan is made.


Teledentistry consultations are typically done through video conferencing or over the phone. The consultation involves a few important things. Outlined below is each step of a teledentistry consultation. Reviewing this information prior to a session can be helpful so patients can appropriately prepare.

  • The patient will outline any concerns they have with their oral or dental health, including any abnormalities, pain or changes
  • Dentists typically ask the patient about their medical and dental history to get a better idea of any underlying issues that may be present
  • The dentist and patient will determine what the goal is so a diagnosis and treatment plan can be made
  • Teledentistry consultations typically end with a diagnosis and treatment plan; in some scenarios, the treatment plan may require prescriptions from a pharmacy or physical care from a dentist

Teledentistry consultations are a great option because they cost less, take less time and do not require the patient to leave their home. Additionally, these consultations can provide patients with a more personalized session. Often, in-office appointments are quick because dentists have to visit multiple patients.

Education services

Another aspect of teledentistry is the educational services that come along with it. Many people are turning to teledentistry because they can learn about dental and oral hygiene without having to visit a dental practice. Patients can consult with a dental professional virtually to learn more about specific tips they should follow in order to better their oral health. Additionally, teledentistry can help educate parents on how to encourage oral hygiene habits within their children, which can be helpful for parents who cannot visit a physical practice.

Learn more today!

Teledentistry offers services ranging from dental care to recommendations right from a professional. Whatever their need is, most patients find that teledentistry can benefit them. Reach out today to learn more or to ask questions about this modern-day practice. We are here to help!

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